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Indodax is an online platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum
and other Digital Assets in Indonesia.
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1,391,591 members are already on board. What are you waiting for?

What is Indodax?

Indodax is the perfect place for you to buy and sell Digital Assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in Indonesia. Trade easily and securely with Indodax with no worry—we’ve got your back!

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What can Indodax do?
Brinney CC Black Corso Corso Como CC Buy Bitcoin / Other Digital Assets

Corso CC Como Black CC Corso Brinney With Indodax, you will be able to buy Bitcoin or other assets in less than an hour. We accept payment and deposit from any local bank in Indonesia.

Sell Bitcoin / Other Digital Assets

Exchange your Bitcoin or other assets to Rupiah instantly only with a few clicks! Your money will arrive in your bank account in one working day.


Love to trade cryptocurrency and speculate on the Bitcoin’s price? Do it with us! We are online 24/7. Yes, even during holidays.

Support our movement as we embark together in a journey to build a bigger Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ecosystem in Indonesia!


Your account is protected with Multifactor Authentication, combination of e-mail and SMS verification with Google Authenticator pin requirement. These layers of security will guarantee that every transaction is signed and validated by no one other than yourself.


You will only need one account to process any kind of Bitcoin transaction, whether it is to sell, buy, invest or trade Bitcoin. Indodax can be accessed easily through various types of devices, such as: PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Trade anywhere, anytime, instantly!


Corso CC Corso Como Black Brinney CC Rupiah deposit can be processed instantly and Rupiah withdrawal will only take one working day before the money arrives in your bank account. Every Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal is processed immediately and securely without delay.

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Customer Service

Our support team is online 24/7, even during holidays. Contact us via live chat or e-mail to We’ll be more than glad to help you!

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