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Each year we run over 40,000 sittings, invigilators are vital to the smooth running of exam rooms

LSE Exams take place in the first week of January and throughout May and June. Each year the Exams and Course Choice Team runs over 40,000 exam sittings. 

mev bernie bernie TW 50 50 TW mev Black mev TW bernie Black To assist with this work the Exams Team employs a large number of invigilators.  

The Summer term exams will take place between 30 April and 8 June 2018. Exams will be scheduled with two sessions per day starting at either 10:00am or 2:30pm, Monday to Friday (exams are not scheduled on Bank Holidays).

TW Black bernie mev bernie mev 50 mev TW Black bernie 50 TW What we're looking for

Invigilators are vital to smooth running of exam rooms. 

We are always looking for invigilators who:

  • mev bernie mev 50 bernie bernie Black Black 50 TW TW mev TW can exercise good judgement
  • have excellent attention to detail
  • enjoy working as part of a team
  • have a flexible attitude to work and hours
  • are able to work within identified procedures
  • can relate to students
  • can keep calm under pressure
  • possess excellent communication skills
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Applications are welcome from those who have worked with us previously and new invigilators.

How to apply

All applicants should complete the online application/availability form. Before completing the form please read the information on our webpage about the people we are looking for and the types of roles that we have available.

If you are a new applicant (or have applied previously but did not work any shifts), you must also submit a CV and covering letter. These documents can be uploaded as part of the process of completing the online application/availability form.

We are unable to consider incomplete applications so please ensure that all required documents are submitted.

The form should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and once successfully submitted you should receive a confirmation email.  

Applications for Summer 2018 have now closed. Any applications received after the deadline cannot be considered. Please email if you wish us to add your name and email address to our contact list and we will inform you when applications open for Summer 2019. 



Confirmation of Appointments: If you meet the specific requirements for the role that you have applied for, we will contact you as soon as possible after 19 February 2018 to confirm this, and will advise you of the date that you should attend the appropriate selection and training session(s).

Right to Work Checks: Anyone working at the LSE requires a right to work check. The check is conducted by HR and should be completed prior to your attendance at your selection/training session. You should allow additional time for this on the day of your training session. Further information, including times, will be made available following confirmation of appointments.

Types of roles

There are three different types of invigilators at LSE: 

Assistant Invigilators
These roles assist the Senior Invigilator by remaining alert to candidates’ needs and possible instances of academic misconduct. Other duties can include liaison with the Exams Team, distribution of materials and escorting students around the building.
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Senior Invigilators
Senior Invigilators co-ordinate the exam rooms and the team of Assistant Invigilators assigned to that room. They are responsible for the smooth operation of the exam, and in particular liaison with the Exams Team. Senior Invigilators ensure that candidates are given the correct materials and that an accurate register is taken. Senior Invigilators are also responsible for logging all activity within the exam room and, if needed, completing Alleged Academic Misconduct Report Forms.
In order to be considered for a Senior Invigilator role for Summer 2018 exams you must have worked with us for at least one exam period since Summer 2016.  

Individual Exam Adjustment Invigilators
Individual Exam Adjustment (IEA) Invigilators work in rooms for students who have been granted IEAs. IEAs may include the use of a computer, rest-breaks, extra time, special furniture, a scribe and/or a reader. IEA invigilators are responsible for administering these adjustments alongside remaining alert to candidates' needs and possible instances of academic misconduct. In order to be suitable for the role of IEA Invigilator you will need a clear understanding, knowledge, and experience of students requiring additional arrangements. We would prefer IEA Invigilators to have experience of invigilating IEA exams either at LSE or elsewhere. However, experience in related fields plus the LSE training you will receive may make you a suitable candidate.Natural Dr Leader Scholl's Raffia Print 5wwvPEqHUB 


TW 50 bernie mev TW mev TW Black 50 bernie bernie mev Black In all cases invigilators are paid for:

  • Training session(s) prior to the exam season
  • One hour prior to the exam for set-up
  • The duration of the exam (including any reading time)
  • TW Black 50 TW bernie bernie mev Black bernie mev mev TW 50 15 minutes after the exam

For IEA Invigilators, we may require extra time. In these cases you will always be paid for this additional time.

Payment is made at the end of the month following the exam season, not on a monthly basis. 

I'm a student at LSE. Can I invigilate?

Research students at LSE are particularly encouraged to apply to be either Assistant or IEA invigilators providing you are not due to sit any exams in the same session.

TW 50 mev 50 mev Black mev bernie Black TW bernie bernie TW If you are studying with a Tier 4 visa it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not work more than 20 hours a week in total (either just as an Invigilator or combined with any other jobs).

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students cannot be invigilators.


All invigilators must attend training/selection sessions each year as required. These sessions provide essential information about the role of exam invigilators and the running of exams at the LSE including information, for example, on the day to day operation of exam rooms, how to deal with students who are in distress or who may have committed academic misconduct.

Training is compulsory. we cannot allocate shifts unless you have attended the relevant training session(s) prior to the start of the Summer 2018 exam period. You will be paid for your time.

Our Summer 2018 training sessions are detailed below and you will be given an opportunity to select your preferred day/time when completing the online application/availability form. Please ensure that you read the information about the different types of training sessions carefully. You should select a session appropriate to your circumstances (new to the LSE or an existing invigilator) and the type of role you have selected (Main Room Assistant/Main Room Senior Invigilator or IEA Room Invigilator).

New Invigilator Selection and Training Sessions: Please select one of these sessions if you have not worked with us previously, regardless of the type of role that you have selected (Main Room or IEA Room Invigilator). You should also select one of these sessions if you were a successful applicant in the past but you did not work any shifts for us following selection. The dates and times allocated to these sessions are as follows:

  • mev bernie mev Black TW Black TW 50 bernie bernie 50 TW mev Monday 26 March 2018: 11:00am to 1:30pm
  • Tuesday 27 March 2018: 3:00pm to 5:30pm

Main Room Invigilator Training Sessions: Please select one of these training sessions if you have worked with us previously and have selected to work in a Main Room as an Assistant or Senior Invigilator. The dates and times allocated to these sessions are as follows:

  • Monday 26 March 2018: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Tuesday 27 March 2018: 11:00am to 1:00pm

Main Room Senior Invigilator Training Sessions: If you are selected to work as a Senior Invigilator in one of our Main Rooms, you will be required to attend an additional training session. This session will take place directly after your Main Room training session and will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

IEA Invigilator Training Sessions: Please select one of these training sessions if you have selected to work in an IEA Room and have worked an exam period at LSE as an IEA Invigilator previously. If selected to work as an IEA Invigilator you will not need to attend a Main Room training session as all information relevant to IEA Rooms/Invigilators will be covered in the IEA dedicated training sessions.

If you have worked with us previously in a Main Room ONLY (or have only covered shifts in an IEA Room) but you wish to be considered for the role of IEA Invigilator, you should select both an IEA training session AND a Main Room training session.

mev bernie TW mev bernie bernie 50 Black TW mev 50 Black TW The dates and times allocated to the IEA training sessions are as follows:

  • TW 50 Black Black mev bernie bernie TW mev TW 50 mev bernie Wednesday 28 March 2018: 12noon to 2:00pm
  • Wednesday 28 March 2018: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Availability and shift allocation

Whilst we will consider all applications, our preference is for candidates who are reliably available throughout the whole exam period. We do understand though that people may have other commitments and we will always do our best to work round these. 

We aim to allocate shifts as far in advance as possible and will always try our best to give you the pattern and quantity that you have requested. In particular, we will try our best to allocate full days of work (rather than half-days) when this has been requested. 

Please do bear in mind however that our preference has to be the quality of the experience for students at all times. 


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