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I think that asura are possibly all the same gender.  I don’t know, I mean yeah you get “male” and “female” choices but the only real differences between the two is the fact that you get different hair for the female-type model and you do the male.  Maybe a few more “cutesy” faces but even then they are all really androgynous. The way the asura reproduce is never really specified other than “…that asura give live birth in the same manner as humans.” And the Select Rain Size Kenneth Reaction a Cole 2 Down xawWqHzOq8even states “…they are mostly differentiated by voice and ear structure.”

I don’t know I am too morning brain to even think on this until after I get some caffeine.  Any thoughts? 

The voice and ear thing is really interesting because it shows that they were an underground race adapted to operating in the dark and being able to tell someone by their silhouette and voice! Which may be why they like complicated head dresses and have very tall/specific hats for certain officials.

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So this is probably not what skrittrightsactivist had in mind at all but oh well I drew Mika, anyway.  I really just wanted to put a Norn in a belly shirt.  I just noticed that the fingers on his left hand look wonky, ah well.

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Mika dresses up in a resplendent Mother Bear costume complete with fur that he honorably received instead of hunted that has a hood made from the pelt as well and probably some other specifics I gotta think this out.

Waorryn …I am absolutely not sure what he would go as but you can bet your ass every beloved pet gets some kind of terrible costume that they react to with either apathy or revulsion and proceed to try to roll out of it or claw it off much to his dismay.  He spends most of Halloween trying to make sure Thavan, Rluth, and Marshmellow don’t destroy their costumes (Bjorn, and Sriracha don’t give a fuck and Kyoon is the only one who seems to enjoy it because it bags him even more attention)

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Calven Calven Jeans Black Black Joe's Jeans Joe's Cho dresses up as a dead Flame Legion with as much blood (probably not fake) as she can get on her fur and a big dumb crafted mask with a stupid expression and fake ‘gutted’ intestines made out of red rope  and basically plays a huge game of hide and seek with her Warband where they are all try to find her so they can banish the ghost.  It’s an annual thing that they all do since they were cubs in the fahrar and even though only Reeva remembers it the rest of the new Warband takes it up.  Whoever catches her and kills her gets their drinks paid for that night by the rest of the warband.

Adelaide goes trick-or-treating because she’s got a baby face and can pull off that she’s still young enough.  Sometimes she brings along a group of slum kids and brings em around to all the best houses.  She usually dresses up in something that doesn’t take a lot of effort so probably something like a Harpy complete with fake wings and revealing outfit.

Ethan jumps out of every tree, bush, and alleyway to try and scare the shit out of people then running away laughing trying not to get his shit kicked in by the angry parties he’s scared.

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Sava would gut an asura golem and wear that as a costume, probably following people around and making fake robot noises whenever someone tries to program a directive.

Grenadine/Aliqua would dress up like Logan Thackery, complete with armor and a wig while flirting with pretty noble ladies.

Lane wouldn’t really want to dress up, but would probably end up doing it if he were pestered enough.  He would probably dress up as a nightmare court courtier and spend hours on his hair to make it look like foliage. 

uhhh I can’t think of anymore.

Jack probably joins Ethan but he can shadowstep away from a prank and escape easier than a big shiny guardian.

Lusei tells a bunch of campfire horror stories from the shiverpeaks, and spends time with Iathan and other snow leopards to stalk around the fire and cause disturbances to make the whole thing even scarier.

Jared abhors Mad King’s day and tries to avoid getting pranked (guess who is target number 1 every year)

Calven Jeans Calven Black Joe's Black Joe's Jeans Vitrax rolls in flour and gets roaring drunk and covers her minions in flour and makes a big mess being a loud drunk zero-effort ghost she is the worst ash legion on the planet.

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To do when I get home from work: draw some buttheads in Halloween costumes. Rekett in a playboy bunny costume? Reii the chocobo? Hmmm think on this I guess.

that’s hilarious because we recently decided aendry was a chocobo in his soul of souls

guardian chocobo leaf brigade

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If you don’t like Tholaun and Miss Mipp you are not invited to my birthday party.

Calven Black Calven Jeans Black Joe's Jeans Joe's sit mechanics are flawless

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